This practical guide for accordion students, performers and teachers illustrates a new approach to accordion playing based on the Alexander Technique.

The principles of this technique can be applied to all areas of accordion playing, starting from the use of an ergonomic strap system and the detailed explanation of basic settings, bellows and finger technique, tone production, and analyzing the different aspects of learning like daily practice, interpretation, phrasing and rhythmical skills.

The Alexander Technique is comprehensive technique that lays hold of the individual as a whole in developing skills and appreciation. This book aims to clarify key points, principles and norms to understand the nature of the most common problems and difficulties, including injury and stage fright, in order to develop musicality hand in hand with self improvement.

While the first part of the book deals with specific issues of accordion playing, the second one is about the Alexander Technique, its practical applications, procedures, anatomy, sensory appreciation, breathing and musicians' pain and injury.




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Mastering Accordion Technique: a new approach to accordion playing based on the Alexander Technique
Claudio Jacomucci - Kathleen Delaney

ISBN: 978-88-91108-37-1

2013 Youcanprint

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