The cooperation between the members of an expert panel coordinated by Claudio Jacomucci, formed by the most renowned accordionists, professors, and young progressive musicians,  gave birth to a very interesting paper entitled "Accordion Modern Perspectives". A series of articles and interviews on various issues of the current situation of the classical accordion provides an overview of professional and artistic perspectives and highlights the strategies of emancipation of young musicians in the "real" world of music and calls into question the role of competitions, accordion festivals and organizations.

These are the articles contained in the book: 

FRODE HALTLI The accordionist in the 21st century / VINCENT LHERMET European cooperation / PASCAL CONTET Choosing the accordion in 2013 / VELI KUJALA Quarter tone accordion / GEIR DRAUGSVOLL Perspectives on accordion pedagogics on academic level / MILOS MILIVOJEVIC Development of the classical accordion in United Kingdom / CLAUDIO JACOMUCCI Developing awareness, improving the cultural condition / SERGEJ TCHIRKOV Discovering traditions: integrating the contemporary accordion education in the world of New Music / KLAUDIUSZ BARANThe position of the accordion in Polish musical culture “yesterday and today” / LUCA PIOVESAN One possible way for accordion / XIAOQUING CAO Classical Accordion in China / PAULO FERREIRA Connection between accordion and the real music scene / GORKA HERMOSA Rediscovering the 19th Century repertoire for free reeds keyboard instruments /BJARKE MOGENSEN - RASMUS KJOLLER Mythos Accordion Duo / MACIEJ FRACKIEWICZ New Polish literature for accordion and cello / PAOLO PICCHIO My ideal competition: the accordion surrounded by arts / MASSIMILIANO PITOCCO Pedagogics, competitions and perspectives / RAIMONDAS SIACKEVICIUS Lithuanian Accordion Developments / KRASSIMIR STEREV The instrument that does not age / HARALD OELER At Viera Janárceková’s / MARKO KASSL Duo Mares / INAKI ALBERDI Composing for accordion



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Edited by Claudio Jacomucci

[I. Alberdi, K. Baran, X. Cao, P. Contet, G. Draugsvoll, P. J. Ferreira, M. Frackiewicz, F. Haltli, G.Hermosa,

C. Jacomucci, M. Kassl, R. Kjoller, V. Kujala, V. Lehrmet, M. Milivojevic, B. Mogensen, H. Oeler, P. Picchio,

L. Piovesan, M. Pitocco, R. Sviackevicius, K. Sterev, S. Tchirkov]

ISBN: 978-88-95534-30-5

2013 Grafica Metelliana spa

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