Accordion Master Course 2018/2019

The course consists in six 3-days masterclasses (from October 2018 to June 2019), three in Amsterdam, one in Strasbourg, two in Pesaro-Urbino.

Main tutors:

Claudio Jacomucci (accordionist, composer, Alexander Technique teacher).
He’s the director of the project and teaches both interpretation classes (solo and chamber music) and his specific accordion technique based on the Alexander Technique.

Kathleen Delaney (Alexander Technique teacher, choreographer)

She’s specialized in Alexander Technique for musicians and has developed procedures that enhance freedom of movement, rhythmical skills and deals with tension, breathing, stage-fright and other performance related issues.

Simone Spinaci (jazz guitarist, choir conductor, singer)

His broad musical interests made hime to conceive an universal approach to improvisation, not only related to jazz languages.

His “instant composition” workshops encourages student to perform their own works in public.

This year the AMC establishes a cooperation and exchange program with two european academies, HEAR Académie Supérieure de Musique Strasbourg (France) and Conservatorium Van Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Well-know artist Marié-Andrée Joerger (France), Marko Kassl (Germany), Marieke Hopman (The Netherlands) will not only provide a student exchange, giving masterclasses and lectures, but they will involve the participation of chamber music and composition department of their Academies and will cooperate in the preparation of a special performing project to be presented in several concerts at:

HEAR Académie Supérieure de Musique/Conservatoire Strasbourg

Istituto Italiano di Cultura Strasbourg

Conservatorium Van Amsterdam

Istituto Italiano di Cultura Amsterdam

Rossini 150 Anniversary Pesaro (Italy)

ADMISSION TEST: Those who are interested in applying to the course must send their biography and an audio or video recording before May 30th, 2018
The teachers will select only few new students as the number of participants is limited.

Annual fee: 1300 euro



Since old times Italy is famous for its musical art and the production of musical instruments, enough to mention such big names as Stradivari, Guarnieri, and Amati. In the second part of 20th century, the accordions produced in Italian factories became really famous and well known all over the world. It is normal that also the accordion school in Italy begun to develop. A lot of composers and players in this field already got international success. During my last visit to Italy (autumn 2007) I worked with the students from the class of the famous Italian accordionist Claudio Jacomucci. It was a great pleasure for me to remark his high-quality pedagogic work, as well as the variety of high-level programs. I think that the Italian Accordion Academy will have a long and big future.

Friedrich Lips
Prof. at the Gnessin Academy in Moscow