The Italian Accordion Academy is a formative and performative project dedicated to classical accordion, founded and directed by Claudio Jacomucci and Kathleen Delaney and based in Amsterdam and Urbino (Italy).

Since 2006 students from several European countries (Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Bosnia, Portugal, Spain, Poland) have attended annual masterclasses, workshops, lectures and have collaborated with composers, musicians, choreographers, video artists, poets in the realization of various public performances presented at: Bimhuis, Amsterdam / Teatro Sanzio, Urbino / Italian Cultural Institute in Amsterdam, Warsaw, Strasbourg / International Accordion Festival, Castelfidardo / Vondelkerk, Amsterdam / Urbino Jazz Club / Het Accordeon Festival, Deventer (NL), Teatro S. Leonardo, Bologna / Splendor, Amsterdam / Settimana Rossiniana, Pesaro / Barco Ducale, Urbania / Oratorio S.Giovanni, Urbino.

Several guest teachers such as Inaki Alberdi, Geir Draugsvoll, Matti Rantanen, Viacheslav Semionov, Luciano Biondini, Yuri Shishkin, Simone Zanchini, Bert Van de Brink, Simone Spinaci, Marko Kassl, Marieke Hopman, Marie-Andrée Joerger. Friedrich Lips, Jean Luc Manca, Francesca Gallo, Panagiotis Zafiriou have given workshops and masterclasses at the IAA.

The pedagogical approach both in advanced and basic studies is inspired and based on the principle of the Alexander Technique, which does not only deal with instrumental techniques but with the entire psycho-physical functioning of the individual. The lessons and the practice of the Alexander Technique provide the mental and physical attitude in daily practice and performance.

One of the fundamental aims of the project is the preparation step to step of several public performance during the year, where solo, chamber music and multimedia works are premiered and students are involved in the creative process together with professional musicians and other performers, teachers and composers.


Amsterdam, 29 February - 1 March [10:00-18:00]

@ Tussen de Bogen, 85 - 1013 JB Amsterdam

participation fee: 160 euro (early bird registration - only before 1 February: 145 euro)

limited places


The yearly course 2019/2020 of the Italian Accordion Academy will be focused on developing individual creative skills of transcription, composition and improvisation.

A creative and extra-academic experience for advanced accordionists (also open to other instrumentalists and singers) who would like to commit in a creative process.

Beside the lessons on interpretation, accordion technique and Alexander Technique with Claudio Jacomucci and Kathleen Delaney, the work will be mainly directed towards the realisation of personal and collective projects.

Students will be involved in a couple of public performance in the Netherlands and in Italy where they will be presenting their own transcriptions, compositions and will have the opportunity to study with composers and perform together with professional musicians.

Guest teachers will be: Giuliano Bracci, composer, who will work on "transcriptions: between listening, memory and invention”; composer Silvia Borzelli will illustrates different compositive approaches and aesthetics and will supervise students’ compositions; Ned McGowan (flutist, composer and teacher at Utrecht Conservatory) will work on “advanced rhythm and pulse”; Simone Spinaci (jazz guitarist, throat singer and choir conductor) will work on improvisation skills both in jazz idioms and open contests, as well as Dario Calderone (contemporary music double-bass player, improviser and composer).

The yearly course consist in seven meetings of three days each (two in Urbino, Italy, and four in Amsterdam).

The selection of the participants will be made on video or audio recordings and biography to be sent before May 20th to

Yearly fee: 1300 euro

A detailed calendar with the dates of the meetings will be soon available.





Since old times Italy is famous for its musical art and the production of musical instruments, enough to mention such big names as Stradivari, Guarnieri, and Amati. In the second part of 20th century, the accordions produced in Italian factories became really famous and well known all over the world. It is normal that also the accordion school in Italy begun to develop. A lot of composers and players in this field already got international success. During my last visit to Italy (autumn 2007) I worked with the students from the class of the famous Italian accordionist Claudio Jacomucci. It was a great pleasure for me to remark his high-quality pedagogic work, as well as the variety of high-level programs. I think that the Italian Accordion Academy will have a long and big future.

Friedrich Lips

Gnessin Academy Moscow

Students 2006-2020

Luca Piovesan (Italy/Belgium)

Barbara Ardenois (Belgium)

Wieslaw Ochwat (Poland)

Przemek Wojciechowski (Poland)

Luca Pignata (Italy/Belgium)

Rik Cornelissen (The Netherlands)

Alessandro Ambrosi (Italy)

Inigo Mikeleiz (Spain/UK)

Carlo Sampaolesi (Italy)

Valerie Barr (Scotland)

Lia Ceravolo (Italy)

Artemis Vavatsika (Greece)

Federico Zugno (Italy)

Maurizio De Luca (Italy)

Andrzej Grzybowski (Poland)

Fábio Palma (Portugal)

Dennis Allegaert (Belgium)

Belma Sarancic (Bosnia)

Marco Ambrosio (Italy)

Jakub Gasior (Poland)

Giuseppe Scigliano (Italy)

Walter Di Girolamo (Italy)

Mario Muccitto (Italy)

Miranda Cortes (Italy)

Ezio Testa (Italy)

Vincenzo De Nitto (Italy)

David Sarnelli (Italy)

Marco Pasculli (Italy)

Jutta Winter (Germany)

Ezio Ghibaudo (Italy)

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